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Название: Zeno Clash
Разработчик: ACE Team
Зарубежный издатель: ACE Team
Издатель в России: Новый Диск
Официальный сайт игры: перейти
Системные требования:
P4-3.0, 1 GB RAM, 128 MB 3D Card
P4-3.0, 1 GB RAM, 128 MB 3D Card
MultiPlayer: нет
Жанр: Action, First Person Shooter
Игра вышла: 21.04.2009
Рейтинг: 7.5

ACE Team. Interview with Carlos Bordeu

Carlos Bordeu sends his warm greetings to the Russian gamersA promising studio based in Santiago is bringing us an intriguing action/fighting game this year - Zeno Clash. We were really glad to have a chance to know more about its friendly team and to discuss the gaming industry with one of ACE Team's founders - Carlos Bordeu.

- Greetings! Please, introduce yourself. What's your role in the company and in the project "Zeno Clash"?

- My name is Carlos Bordeu. I am one of the founders of ACE Team and I work as co-lead designer and artist among other things.

ACE Team's logo- Why did you pick "ACE" as a vital part of your brand name?

- The name goes back to when we were a mod development team. We were just three brothers working on mods for Doom. It was Andres, Edmundo and me (Carlos) and with the first letters of our names you could form the word 'ACE'. So that is how the name was born. Essentially we were the "Bordeu brothers".

- Who's the author of your logo? Do you like playing cards in your free time?

- Edmundo Bordeu created our logo. He is the art director here at ACE. The logo went through several phases and redesigns. Making the letters of the logo look like playing cards was a good idea because it is a concept that you can associate with the term 'ace' and games.

We don't really play much card games... seldomly some poker with small stakes. We like to play videogames during our spare time. A regular office day might include some Smash Bros matches at the end of the day.

- Tell us how your studio was formed. Who founded it and when?

- As I was saying, the studio was first a mod development team before becoming a professional development studio. Some of us also worked at Wanako Games when they were just starting out. We eventually decided we wanted to create an independent studio of our own and decided to take our mod name to found the studio. Among the founders were the original mod team members and brothers: Andres, Edmundo and myself. We were also lucky to start with our very talented programmer David Caloguerea.

So to completely answer the question; ACE Team goes way back to probably the mid 90's, but we did not begin as a real company until recently which would be last year.

- What gaming genres are you interested in as a developer?

- As mod developers we did a lot of first person shooter total conversions. For instance we were the group behind the very old Batman Doom total conversion, the ZanZan total conversion (also for DOOM) and the Quake 3 Arena single player mod: The Dark Conjunction. With Zeno Clash, even though it looks like a FPS, it's not really a 'shooter'. It's more of a first person action or combat game.

We are interested in all sorts of genres, but we also like creating games that have interesting designs / visuals that go beyond what's traditionally seen in the genre, so hopefully we will be bringing new gaming ideas to different genres in the future.

- Name some game projects for PC and Xbox 360 your team members worked on in the past.

- While we were at Wanako Games some of us worked on almost all the games they have published to the date, (the most notable being 'Assault Heroes' which was awarded Xbox Live Arcade game of the year by IGN). Andres and I were art and design leads for that and many other projects.

In regards to PC we worked on mostly casual games that included top down scrollers, racing games, adventure games, puzzle games; even rhythm games! Most of those were developed for Wild Tangent.

- Do you think that independent studios have a chance for survival or in time their acquisition by major publishers is inevitable?

- I think this is a question that depends of each studio and where the studio wants to go to as game development evolves. With the passing years game development is getting more expensive which makes things more difficult for independent developers, but I also think that game development is getting broader and that it's not like we have only casual or indie games and huge AAA monster projects. There is room for titles that go somewhere in between and with digital distribution becoming a viable way of selling games, I think we will see a lot more new types of projects appear in the future.

- Is it easy looking for publishers nowadays? Basing on your experience, what can you advise to newly born studios having nothing with them except a game's concept and a few loyal persons willing to develop it?

- I think it is still hard finding a publisher these days, especially if you are a team with just a concept. Game development costs have risen for all types of games. I think the best way to start is to aim for a prototype or demo that will support your concept. The truth is that your prototype will be your selling card rather than the concept because a publisher will want proof of concept to make sure you can deliver what you are promising on paper. Getting to the point where you have a reasonably good demo can be difficult and expensive because the standards for games today are very high.

But I think that as long as the team is realistic, perseverant and has a clear goal things should go well. I think our best advice would be to make a game that is different from what the market is offering. Don't make a World War 2 game. It's been done by bigger companies with more resourcs that you will have. Aim for something unique. Valve's "Portal" would be a good example. The prototype was developed by college students.

- In your point of view, where is the modern gaming industry heading? What will happen to the existing balance between PC, consoles and handhelds?

- I think there will always be a place for each platform and there will always be PC game development. I actually see the PC game scene as a very interesting one in the years to come because with digital distribution we might start seeing new creative titles that would have a harder time getting to the consoles since it is so much more expensive to produce for them. Some of the AAA titles will probably continue to be exclusive on consoI still think the PC game scene will be a very interesting one. A game like Portal could be developed by a smaller dev team and sold digitally. Portal on its own is too big for something like Xbox Live Arcade and too small to be a retail console game (mainly due to its length). So I think we may see very creative new titles that might start appearing on PC and that will strengthen it as a platform. Since these smaller games can be produced independently there are more chances that the developers will be able to explore unique game designs that would be harder to push on console games because publishers tend to avoid risk.

- For years in some countries (mostly in the US) there are ongoing debates that some games provoke to violence making people commit crimes. Do you agree or disagree with this statement and why?

- Games are just like other entertainment medias. If children are exposed to violent or adult movies it will also influence their behavior. It's not an issue of if games are too violent or not, it's an issue of recognizing games as a serious media and approaching them with responsibility. I believe the responsibility is on the parents side, not the developers. The ESRB is already doing its job in rating games so parents know what they are buying.

- Your favorite computer games?

- Hmmm... so may: The classic Doom, System Shock 2, the Thief series, many Nintendo classics like Super Metroid 3, Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, from Mario 1 to Mario Galaxy, etc, etc, etc:

- Gamers usually spend all their free time playing and what do you, developers, do on vacations?

- I guess it depends of each person. I like to travel and visit new places. But the one thing we all do is that we run away from computers during our vacations. We are all the year in front of a monitor, so at least I try to breath some fresh air.

- Have you ever been to Russia? What do you know about our country?

- I have never been to Russia, but I have been to Ukraine twice. It was a very nice country and I actually had a chance to visit GSC Game World while they were finishing Stalker. They are a great development studio. I really had a great time during my visit. The people were very friendly even though I could not understand everything they were saying. les.

'Casa Colorada' - the history museum in Santiago- We see Santiago as a wonderful town with a rich history & culture. Name some your favourite places there.

- We'd recommend several sites of interest. In downtown Santiago you can visit the history museum, the 'Casa Colorada', the gardens of the ex-congress, the pre-colombian museum, the goverment palace 'La Moneda'. You can also go to central market for something typical to eat. Then you can go for a coffee at 'Cafe Torres', next to the Iniguez palace. After that you could go to the Republica neighborhood, where you can take a walk through what was the elite life during the XIX century (all the way to the Cousino palace). The tour can end by going up the 'Cerro Santa Lucia' and having a meal at the Lastarria neighborhood.
A piece of Paradise from Vina del MarIf you come to Chile a trip to Valparaiso/Vina is mandatory. It's not far from Santiago and it is well worth the stay. There are also several other touristic routes outside of Santiago that can be of great interest, such as the wine route (Chile is famous for its wines), the cheese route, etc..

- Thanks, Carlos!

23.04.2008 18:19, Unicorn


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