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Название: American McGee's Grimm: Volume 1
Разработчик: Spicy Horse
Зарубежный издатель: GameTap
Издатель в России: Акелла
Официальный сайт игры: перейти
Системные требования:
P4-2.4, 1 GB RAM, 128 MB 3D Card
P4-3.0, 2 GB RAM, 256 MB 3D Card
Жанр: Action, Third Person
Игра вышла: 18.09.2008
Рейтинг: 6.5

American McGee himself speaks about American McGee and American McGee's Grimm. What can be better? Read on to the second part of the interview.

American McGee- What have you learnt from working on "Alice"? Who is helping you with Grimm from the Alice’s team?

- To be honest, any lessons I learned from Alice were made useless by the passage of time. So much has changed about the industry, the tools we use, the content we build, how it is delivered, and even where I am in the world – Alice seems like it happened 100 years ago. But there is one person involved with Grimm who was involved with Alice – my mentor, our Executive Producer, and lead writer, RJ Berg. That I’ve been able to continue working with him after all these years is a great joy for me.

- How was the concept of American McGee’s Grimm born?

- Ken and I were out milking goats one day… Seriously, my memory is foggy now. I remember we were working on a story idea that involved a character who had a sort of “reverse Midas touch”. Everything he came into contact with turned dark, decayed, and died. He was a sort of lost messiah – a character searching for his identity, his past. That character, and that story eventually morphed into the story we have no – Grimm, the grumpy dwarf who wants to return darkness to the tales we use to teach children about the evils of the world.

Screenshot of Grimm- Would you like to see Grimm on a big screen in future?

- I’m not sure Grimm is meant for the big screen – but his character would certainly be right at home in the cartoon world.

- Will the game be ported to any consoles?

- We aren’t talking about this now. The main focus is on making Grimm a huge success as the world’s first “real” episodic game. To that end we’re really excited that GameTap has given us the chance to build something so radically different and cool!

- The game will include 24 episodes. What’s the current state of the production process?

We are currently in production and are looking to deliver the first couple episodes to GameTap in the coming months. The 24 episodes are being divided into 3 ‘Volumes’ of 8 episodes each, the first of which launches in July and will be delivered weekly. We will have a ‘hiatus’ of one to two months in-between ‘Volumes’.

Spicy Horse Team Leads from left to right: Yang (technology), Tang (animation), Ken (art), American (creative) and Adam (tech, ops)- Is there a fairy tale featured in the game that you like the most?

Yes, there is. It’s called “Mmff anf da Mfamfmmmfffa”. Sorry, I suppose you can’t hear me because there’s a dirty sock in my mouth. Whatever my favorite tale might be, it will be presented in the same way as the others – Grimm presents a puppet show in “Light Theater” format, where we see the watered-down version of a classic fairy tale. Then Grimm invites us to help me make things dark again. After playing the game Grimm returns to the puppet show and we see the “Dark Theater” version of the tale. Through the process of presenting the tales in these two contrasting formats, we’ve gone to some liberties – either to make the tales overtly sweet, or disgustingly dark.

- “Mmff anf da Mfamfmmmfffa”? We like this one too! Especially the Mmff character. Describe your game in a few words for us. 

- Grimm isn’t a game that can be described in terms of traditional game mechanics, NPCs, battle systems, etc. It is a very simple game – you run around converting things to dark. You do this simply by being near those objects. And the more objects you convert, the more you power grows, and the bigger the objects you can convert. Everything is built around overcoming larger and larger barrier obstacles – and this is all wrapped around the locations and characters of the tale being dealt with for that episode. One way of describing it in terms that might make sense – if you’ve played Katamari Damacy – that game is about “rolling”. Similarly, Grimm is about “transforming” – you run around the game world and transform everything from light to dark. You know, you really need to play it in order to get it!

Wim records VO for the Grimm prototype- Are there any agility exercises with jumps or puzzles included?

- Sure, we layered in some basic 3rd-person platform-style game play. Play the game! You’ll see!

- Who has worked on the visuals? Maybe there were some funny moments during the creative process you could share with us.

- Ken Wong, Ben Kerslake, and Tyler Lockett have been heading up the art direction and concept art work on the Grimm project. They have a team of concept artists and 3D modelers working with them to produce all that cool artwork you see. Animation is being headed up by industry vet., Tang Ye Ping, and she’s got a handful of some of the best animators in the country. Overall there are about 30 people dedicated purely to art for the project – that’s more than half our team! There are tons of cut scenes, each more ridiculous and funny than the last. This has been one of the great joys of the project – seeing how our designers approach retelling the classic tales in their light and dark forms.

Funny moments? Well, our project producer’s name is Wim. That’s “swim” without the “s”. Get it? Haha! Funny!

Jason Tai, Spicy Horse composer and sound guy, recording VO for the Grimm prototype- If all the English lessons here were so intriguing! What can you say about the in-game sound, music and your atmosphere?

- My atmosphere? Depends on what I ate yesterday. Usually it’s OK, but if I’ve had Chinese cabbage, then watch out! Oh… you mean like, the game’s sound atmosphere?! Ha. Dur.

Yeah, we have an amazingly talented guy named Jason Tai heading up our sound and music for the project. He’s brought a really interesting range of music styles to the project – each episode having its own unique soundtrack, sounds, and VO. Everything he composes is built electronically, but he brings a very natural sound to it.

- If there is anything else you’d like to add, please, do it here.

- Is it true that in Soviet Russia, game plays you?

- Haven't you seen Soviet "Tetris"? It has played a lot of people from all over the world!

P.S. We're grateful to American McGee from Spicy Horse and Wendy A. Rutherford from Turner Broadcasting, Inc. for making this interview possible.

24.04.2008 17:00, Unicorn


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