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Название: FIFA Manager 09
Разработчик: Bright Future
Издатель: EA Sports
Официальный сайт игры: перейти
Системные требования:
P4-2.0, 1 GB RAM, 128 MB 3D Card
P4-2.6, 1 GB RAM, 256 MB 3D Card
MultiPlayer: Hot-Seat (4)
Жанр: Sport, Manager
Игра вышла: 30.10.2008
Рейтинг: 7.7

In case you're wondering how the promising FIFA Manager 09 has been coming along, the Lead Designer of the German studio, Bright Future, is here to tell you everything about the creative process and designers' activities for the last months up to August. Read on to the Developers' Report written by Gerald Köhler and see more team's photos with 5 exclusive screenshots from the game made specially for the Russian fans of the franchise inside!


Hello! This is our first FIFA Manager Developer's report exclusively for our Russian players. I would like to thank PlayHard for the opportunity and hope this will be an interesting read for you. In the past months FIFA Manager 09 made very good progress, so let’s start with some information about this year’s game.

Electronic Arts office in CologneRussian creative star, Roman Pavlyuchenko, shows his abilities in FIFA Manager 09Bright Future: Graphics Department


This year our major focus was on the two match modes. Many elements from the PC version of FIFA 09 made their way into our game as well. We really have to thank the FIFA 09 team for their support here. The second important match mode is of course the text mode, which was every year slightly updated since its introduction in Total Club Manager 2003. But after all these years it was the time for a change, so we removed all the old stuff and started from scratch to create a new one that works like a modern Internet live-ticker. Very important: we’ll also release an easy-to-use editor. Everybody will be able to add new attacks and goals.

In addition we worked on many other new features as well. The “Match Prognosis Tool” is one of them. It gives you the chance to select two teams of your choice and to simulate real-life matches. We also implemented a new staff section and a new merchandising section.


At the end of July I went on a European tour to present our game to the press in our most important countries (not all of them, because of the summer holidays, e.g. in Spain). We started in France, continued with England and Germany – and finally, for the first time, we came to Russia as well and presented the game to journalists in Moscow. This was a great event, I really enjoyed it.

Fans and Merchandise Screen from FIFA Manager 09Design Team: Gerald & CordTeam Comparison Screen from FIFA Manager 09 

I met Robert from our Fansite and we did a 2-hour interview with many questions. I learned a lot about the Russian gamers and we even agreed on introducing the first specific features for Russia, e.g. he wanted the television negotiations also for Russian clubs (currently they are only available for the German teams) and we will implement them in our first update. As last year we’ll have 2 big updates for FIFA Manager again: the first in November and the second, hopefully, right before Christmas.

A Russian version won’t be available this year, but we already did a lot of work to prepare this for the future. Our game for the first time supports Unicode, and this is, of course, great for the Fansite teams who want to do a full translation of the game now. They can now really start to work, e.g. with the text mode editor to create their own content for the game in their own language.


Right now the team is very busy with the new database. We’ll have nearly 20% more players (close to 30,000), new countries like Slovenia, Chile, Columbia and New Zealand - and of course close to 8,000 player pictures. Many players from Russia now have their own pictures in the game, which looks pretty cool. It is especially important for our Fansites that we have already released information how to create new kits for FIFA Manager 09 in our downloads section.

Goods available as footballers' Merchandise in FIFA Manager 09Database Team: Adrian & OliverStaff Screen from FIFA Manager 09 


Our Software Engineer, Michael Winter, kicks the ballEvery year we invite our Fansites to our office and discuss with them what was good and not so good in the past year – and, of course, to also present them the new game and the new editor. This year this happened on August the 1st and it was a pretty hot and exhausting day with many discussions and some really good ideas. For example we’ll add the option to select a Unique Team ID in the editor in our updates. Then the Fansites can all use the same ID for a specific clubs and the updates from different Fansites will work together.

In this week we’ll totally focus on our preparations for the Games Convention. This is the first time we’ll show the game to our players and, of course, this is always exciting. It is now very important to have up-to-date data because people always look first at the data of their favourite clubs.

Finally, thank you for reading so far. In a few weeks I will give you a new update with new screenshots, news from our Closed Beta-test group and about how the Games Convention went.

Gerald, Bright Future

14.08.2008 17:01, Unicorn


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