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Название: Моцарт
Зарубежное название: Mozart
Разработчик: Game Consulting
Зарубежный издатель: Micro Application
Издатель в России: Новый Диск
Официальный сайт игры: перейти
Официальный русский сайт игры: перейти
Жанр: Adventure
Игра вышла: 13.08.2009

The adventure genre isn't the most popular one in the modern game industry but it still has a lot of loyal fans all over the world. Nowadays not so many remarkable quests come out every year, though it is true that the main area where the most promising adventure games are made is Europe. We'd like to focus your attention on an intriguing game with a classical music era touch - Mozart. Recently we've discussed its features with Nicolas Bonvalet - the Managing director of Game Conulting Studios responsible for the game project.

Mozart is one of the most famous composers of the classical era and now he has got a personal adventure game- Greetings! Please, introduce yourself and your role in the project.

- My name is Nicolas Bonvalet. I am the managing director of Game Consulting Studios. My studio has developed Mozart.

- Tell our readers about your company and its recent news.

- Our studio has been active as a Service provider since 2002. We participated in a lot of projects and in 2005 started to look for a full development opportunity. We presented Mozart with Jean Martial Lefranc (the Author) to Micro Application. We also launched an online racing PC-game with NCsoft and Still Life 2 - a thriller adventure game where we introduced timed events.

- How do you see the future evolution of the genre?

The old streets of Prague are where the action takes place- I guess that the fusion of different ways of putting together an adventure game will be the future development of the genre.

- What are your favorite computer games?

- I am mainly a PC-gamer. I like such genres as RPG, MMORPG, RTS and Simulation games.

- What inspired the story of "Mozart"?

The original idea came from the author - Jean Martial Lefranc. He wanted to create a game with an universal genius, facing a personal adventure.

The murders are to be investigated- What can you say about the game’s plot?

- The plot is that Mozart will try to save the Emperor Joseph from a Rosicrucian conspiracy. The player will control Mozart.

- Tell us about the game world.

- The game takes place in Prague. The locations that are visited are a reconstitution of the historic places: the Palace, the Bridge, old Prague streets, plus a mysterious inverted Pyramid which is a secret place underground.

- Will the game feature different endings? How long is it?

- The walkthrough is linear. About 12 hours estimated.

A lot of puzzles are connected with music somehow- What riddles have you prepared for us?

- Mozart is rich of different kind of puzzles and mini-games. A lot of them is related to the Music world: completing a musical score, playing the maestro, fixing pianos, but there will also be mechanical puzzles for players' solving.

- Where is your perfect balance for the place of dialogues in your game?

- We use the topics' system which creates the dialogues' trees and some An example of a highly detailed room interiornew replicas can appear depending on some player's choices. The dialogs are very important in Mozart. They are also really nice to read and fun being the part of the gameplay situations. Good balance between the information and the necessary actions can be preserved, though the player will always take more time to solve puzzles than to discuss something with a character in a game.

- Let's discuss the graphics engine used in the game.

- We've implemented an unique technique we developed with our engine. It is called "Interactive Matte Painting". IMP-method offers the wonderful possibility to have pre-rendered backgrounds and real time 3D-characters with a certain freedom on the cameras' angles and behaviour.

- What do you prefer more: CGI cutscenes or cinematics based on the game’s engine?

- In-game movies are more immersive. They dont break the overall rhythm.

IMP-method Technique (Step I) - A realistic photo of the real room interior is takenIMP-method Technique (Step II) - Artists draw necessary interior objects for a room in a gameIMP-method Technique (Step III) - A graphical base for the room outlines is createdIMP-method Technique (Final Result) - Room interior gets the visual style of the historical era presented in the game

- What's the soundtrack like?

- The game integrates a lot of Mozart's music inside. Often it is also a vital part of the gameplay requiring a player to work with Mozart's themes.

- To conclude, what are the unique features of your game distinguishing it from other adventure games?

- For example, the musical puzzles which are quite intriguing and also the fact that we offer to incarnate such a famous character known as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

- When do you expect the game to be released?

- The Game is now released in France, Netherlands and Russia.

- Thank you very much for your time, Nicolas!
27.04.2009 23:35, Unicorn


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