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Название: FIFA Manager 10
Разработчик: Bright Future
Зарубежный издатель: EA Sports
Издатель в России: Electronic Arts
Официальный сайт игры: перейти
Системные требования:
P3-1.3, 1 GB RAM, 64 MB 3D Card
P4-2.4, 2 GB RAM, 128 MB 3D Card
MultiPlayer: Hot-Seat (4), Internet (8)
Жанр: Sport, Manager
Игра вышла: 28.10.2009
Рейтинг: 7.8

Amongst one of the notable events that happened during last summer we can name the EA FIFA 10 Press Tour. There we were really happy to meet Adrian Wahl (PR Manager & Lead Database Coordinator) from the German studio, Bright Future, which is famous for its work on the FIFA Manager series. Adrian has made a superb presentation of the upcoming FIFA Manager 10 right at the moscow "Luzhniki" stadium and shown us many new features of the game. He was asked a lot of questions about the project not only by journalists, but by the members of the Russian FIFA Manager 10 Community as well. Each and every question has been given its extensive answer this day.

Now let us summarize what we’ve learnt about the game. First of all, it’ll include a new intriguing Online Mode allowing up to 8 players to team up with their friends and determine the most successful football manager. It’ll take just 2-3 hours to play the whole season thanks to matches being resolved in the Text mode. Secondly, the new Russian Football Premier-League will be available featuring all the famous players from our country with authentic names, badges and faces.

FIFA Manager 10 will feature a lot of other major and minor improvements. We’ve seen how High screen resolutions look like also allowing a gamer to customize the Desktop of a manager which can be filled with interesting items. The content of the in-game website will be even closer to the recent events in the world of virtual football reflecting better the latest Ups & Downs of your team. New notepad and manager’s Diary will help to remember all the important ideas and collect favourite pictures of stadiums, players and tropheys. Even scouts will research your short-list if left unassigned.

Most of all we liked the new Manager shouts, where your character can issue commands to the players right on the field. Don’t overuse this or your Manager will be punished and will have to keep silence till the end of the match. There are more than a dozen of useful shouts available. Automatic substitutions feature will allow you to replace players when your certain conditions are met. Maybe, it’ll be a good idea to change your striker when losing? Nearly all aspects of the game were improved and if you want to know more details about the creative process itself, then just read through Part I and Part II of the Developer’s Diary. Right now we’re moving on to the great Interview with Adrian Wahl.

- Hello, Adrian! Have you ever been to Russia?

- I haven’t been to Russia before. My most eastern trip before was to Poland, but I really like Russia. Moscow is an impressive city. Today I woke up at 7 a.m. and went to visit the beautiful Red Square.

- How do you find this stadium?

- This "Luzhniki" stadium looks awesome. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to walk around its territory, but from what I’ve seen outside I think it is quite luxurious.

- Tell us about your participation in the EA FIFA 10 Press Tour.

- I didn’t take part in the whole Press Tour, but during my trip I visited Paris and then I had a separate German Press Tour (Hamburg, Munich, Nuremberg). On my way I also had stops in Switzerland (Basel), the United Kingdom (Bristol) and Russia (Moscow).

The Russian guys are really motivated showing good knowledge of our game and people representing the local community always ask a lot of questions, but I like this. I enjoy such a presentation style and I think that it is much better than a presentation which no one cares about, if you know, what I mean. Communicating with the fans is one of the goals of this Tour and it is really interesting to receive such a warm welcome in Russia.

- Do you help the creators of the EA FIFA series to update their Database for the Manager Mode?

- Since FIFA Manager 07 the Database of FIFA and FIFA Manager is divided. In former times both titles used the same Database, but the games have been developed in different directions and it was not possible to keep one Database for both titles anymore.

- How do you usually work on your Database?

- There is no real start for every season. Working on the Database is a continuous job, so the only thing that changes is the Editor. The rough flow of a Database year is like this. You start by hiring all database researchers. In the same time the editor will be developed and finalized. This procedure normally lasts until end of May or early June. After finalizing the Editor we send out our framework for being a FIFA MANAGER database researcher. This document consists of 10 pages and includes the do's and don'ts of working on our Database. After that every researcher confirms that he has read this framework and then the new Editor will be sent out to the researchers. Now the real work begins and the researchers send regularly updates. The final Database will be checked in September. Afterwards, we fix problems and prepare Database updates that include the latest performances of the players.

- Does your studio use any outsourcing services?

- The number of employees who can work in Cologne is limited because of the available amount of space. We have Electronic Arts – Q&A teams in Romania and the UK, the localization team of FIFA Manager 10 is based in Spain and we have Database researchers all over the world, from New Zealand to Brazil.

- Will the direct player control feature be modified in any way for FIFA Manager 10?

- We tuned some minor things in this mode. The most important fix was that if the player doesn't want the player to move, the player in the game won't move. The player reacts faster than in the past.

- We've heard from Gerald Köhler (Managing Director of Bright Future and Lead Designer of the series) that Updates for FIFA Manager 10 will not include any new features. How can you comment this?

- We'll still update rosters and players' pictures. I know about his plans and I love the idea to make our game as perfect as possible so we need to fix bugs in the Updates, but if there is some time left to introduce a new feature, we can make this, but I think that a patch should correct errors in the first place.

- What are the countries which you regard as your main audience and where the sales figures are the highest?

- We sell most of our games in Germany, slightly above 50%, followed by Spain, France, England, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Brazil.

- Are there any regional differences in community wishes?

- Of course, there are regional differences. The English players focus on tactics and the possibility to have as many tactical options as even possible in the game. The German players also like tactics but the most important thing for them is the long term club development.

- What was the most exotic wish that arrived from the community?

- Good question! I think there have been a lot of crazy things, but I can't remember them all right now. Maybe, just one. For example, someone from Germany asked us to include all leagues in FIFA Manager series with even Lowest league clubs from certain cities simulated. It seems to me to be too unrealistic to implement.

- What is your favourite feature in FIFA Manager 10?

- Well, I like offers from AI clubs addressed to a user's club. I'm a huge fan of the transfer market so I like every new feature in this area. I also enjoy seeing the game with the new Screen resolutions. It's a huge step forward for the FIFA Manager series.

- How do you select the songs and the bands for the in-game soundtrack?

- We have a large database with free songs to pick from. One of the designers is listening to various categories and selects the 20-30 tracks which he finds the most suitable for the game. We only have to make sure that there are no vocals in the tracks, since this would be a problem with international versions.

- What’s in the future for the football management games?

- Nowadays, a lot of new games in the genre come being addressed to the next-gen consoles (PlayStation 3 и Xbox 360). Therefore, making a game exclusively for PC isn't the best strategy anymore, because it is quite risky. This year we are going to introduce the new Online Mode and we hope to extend our audience with it. Players will have to adapt to an even more dynamical gameplay and learn to make important decisions rapidly. As always, we're open to feedback and suggestions coming from our fans.

- Will FIFA Manager 10 include any special content for the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup?

- A World Cup is always really exciting but we didn't add a special feature dealing with the FIFA World Cup. Instead we implemented some features for the National team mode, like scouts, a better Nomination system and the option to motivate players with two passports to play for your team and not for the other.

- Name some computer games you play in your free time.

- When I'm not with FIFA Manager, I pick a FIFA series game instead, for example, on a next-gen console, like PlayStation 3. Other than that, I play games like Need for Speed and Test Drive Unlimited.

- What would you wish to the Russian fans of the FIFA Manager series?

- I wish our fans in Russia all the best and lots of fun while playing FIFA Manager 10. Hopefully we'll see each other in the lobby and play Online.

- Thank you very much for the interview and for the nice Press kit, Adrian!

- You are welcome!

09.09.2009 14:27, Unicorn


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