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Название: The Sims 3: Мир приключений
Зарубежное название: The Sims 3: World Adventures
Разработчик: The Sims Studio
Зарубежный издатель: Electronic Arts
Издатель в России: Electronic Arts
Официальный сайт игры: перейти
Официальный русский сайт игры: перейти
Системные требования:
P4-2.0, 1 GB RAM, 128 MB 3D Card
P4-2.4, 2 GB RAM, 256 MB 3D Card
Жанр: Simulator, Life
Игра вышла: 17.11.2009
Рейтинг: 8.0

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We found The Sims 3 to be a very exciting game and enjoyed playing it a lot. The Sims franchise has been also famous for its many themed expansions. Each add-on was adding something unique to the gameplay, but this time the creators of The Sims 3 have chosen in favor of even more brave and intriguing innovations. With the help of the coming expansion pack you'll be able to travel to some great new places, including China, France and Egypt, but they aren't just additional neighbourhoods. At these desinations your Sims will be able to meet new friends, find love, learn skills, get great objects and even embark on a dangerous treasure hunt. Did we mention mummies as playable characters? If you can't wait till the release date which takes place on the 17th of November, just as we do, then read on further to know all the interesting details about the game which were uncovered by Grant Rodiek (Associate Producer of World Adventures) in our recent exclusive Interview.

- Greetings! Please, introduce yourself. What’s your role in the project The Sims 3: World Adventures?

- My name is Grant Rodiek and I am an Associate Producer of The Sims 3: World Adventures. My primary focus for this game was to write the stories for Adventures and design many of the tombs found in the game.

- Let’s get back to the past a bit. Are you happy with the reaction coming for The Sims 3 from the fans and the critics?

- Most definitely! By and large our fans have reacted overwhelmingly positively and sales have been really strong for The Sims 3. It's always scary to release a game as big as The Sims 3 because expectations from fans are so high, but I think we exceeded expectations. It's been really satisfying.

- What was the most criticized feature of The Sims 3?

- There were some initial frustrations for a system called Story Progression, which essentially manages the NPC-Sims in the neighborhood. Some players like to control every aspect of their game and there were a few misconceptions about Story Progression. However, we listened to feed back, made some tweaks, and released quite a few changes in our first update for the game. This seems to have fixed a lot of the confusion.

- What inspired you to create The Sims 3: World Adventures?

- We've been making features for our Sims' homes for so long that we wanted to go somewhere new and do something epic. We immediately latched onto the idea of fusing some classic adventure gameplay with The Sims and all of us loved the idea of China, Egypt and France followed along pretty quickly and we were off!

- What factors did you consider when choosing places where sims can travel to?

- We always begin with a massive brainstorm, so there were several ideas that didn't make the final consideration. Ultimately, we picked China, Egypt and France, because we had the best ideas for those three locations, they took Sims to 3 unique corners of the globe, and let us deliver a little something for everyone.

- How much does it cost a Sim to go abroad?

- It's pretty reasonable – a few thousand Simoleons, perhaps? Longer trips cost more, and certain destinations cost more to visit than others. However, experienced adventurers will find more than enough treasure to offset the cost of the trip. Adventuring is practically a new career!

- How does the visa system work and what advantages do active travelers get?

- The Visa System
is one of our central goal systems for The Sims 3: World Adventures. As players complete Adventures they will earn Visa Points. Visa Points allow Sims to take longer vacations, purchase more exciting Adventure Rewards (like the Sultan’s Tabernacle!) and experience more exciting Adventures. Sims at the highest level can purchase Vacation homes!

- How can Sims get new quests while traveling?

- There are a few ways. Sims will initially stay at the Base camp when they visit. Each base camp has the Adventure Board where Sims can sign up for new adventures. They might also receive adventures from locals.

- If a Sim fails to disarm a trap in the lost tombs of Egypt, what can happen?

- Well, we have fire traps, poison dart traps, electricity traps and steam traps. There are different issues for each. Let's just say bad things happen when Sims aren’t careful around traps.

- Are the mummies really playable? What are they capable of?

- The Sims 3: World Adventures has two types of mummies: the dangerous kind you encounter in tombs and the ones that can join your family. Playable mummies walk really slowly and are very afraid of fire. However, they live much longer, don't have to sleep and are incredibly strong. They are also immune to other mummies, which means they cannot die from the curse!

- How can travelers’ activities affect a player’s character, family and fortune in a hometown?

- Sims may find precious relics and untold riches while abroad. They can also purchase exciting new objects like the Nectar Making Machine for culinary Sims, the fortune cookie maker, the scooter, new martial arts equipment, photography equipment, and more. We tried to give players a lot of different ways to augment their families back in Sunset Valley.

- Is it possible for a Sim to marry a foreigner?

- Yes! Sims can marry other Sims they meet abroad. Of course, if you want to take it more slowly your Sims can invite new friends to visit them in Sunset Valley between travels.

- What new tools will the game offer to people who spend a lot of time designing an ideal house?

- We gave players many new features for Buy and Build Modes. Players can now use Create-A-Style to customize Fences and Staircases. Furthermore, we made the Basement tool, which allows players to build massive subterranean basements. We used these for tombs, but the possibilities are endless. We're also giving players access to all of the cheats and scripting tools we used to make tombs. Players can then upload their own creations for the entire Sims community to experience!

- Will The Sims 3 online shop feature new additional content for World Adventures?

- Players who register their copy of The Sims 3: World Adventures will be given an unique set of objects called "The Explorer’s Loot". They will also receive 1,000 Sim Points to be used on The Sims Store. Stay tuned for other content update news!

- How do you select bands and singers for the soundtrack?

- Our audio director, Robi Kauker, actually handles everything related to musicians that are on The Sims 3: World Adventures soundtrack. Robi and his team are phenomenal in finding great acts that really complement our style. My favourite band is Nelly Furtado! I just love her simlish rendition of "Manos Al Aire"!

- Where would you like to go on your vacations?

- I recently visited Australia, so I can knock that one off my list. I would love to visit the Incan ruins of Peru and I’ve never been to London. Obviously I'd love to see Moscow – such an incredible city full of history.

- Name 3 things you associate with Russia.

- Ice skating bears, Vodka (obviously) and the word "comrade", Comrade!

- Thank you very much for your time!

03.11.2009 21:00, Unicorn


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