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Название: Star Trek Online
Разработчик: Cryptic Studios
Издатель: Atari
Официальный сайт игры: перейти
Системные требования:
Core 2 Duo 1.8, 1 GB RAM, 512 MB 3D Card
Core 2 Duo 3.0, 2 GB RAM, 512 MB 3D Card
Игра вышла: 02.02.2010
Рейтинг: 7.1

Star Trek Online is the upcoming MMORPG, which is being developed by Cryptic Studios. The game is based on the famous Star Trek universe. Previously, Perpetual Entertainment was working on the game in 2004-2008 until the studio got bankrupted. The license to develop the game and artwork were transferred to Cryptic Studios. Though the game's code stayed with Perpetual Entertainment. On August 10, 2008, during a conference the Leader of Cryptic and the legendary Leonard Nimoy who is remembered for his role of Spock revealed the first gameplay trailer.

Cryptic Studios has been working really hard, using its own original ideas and assets, so we all could soon play the first MMORPG within the Star Trek franchise. Daniel Stahl, the producer of the game, has completely convinced us that in the early February we will happily dive into a highly entertaining and unique Sci-Fi MMORPG to explore the distant worlds and build a career of a great Starfleet Captain or a Klingon Warrior. We are also proud to present you two new exclusive screenshots taken from Star Trek Online provided to us by the developers of the game.

- Greetings! Please, introduce yourself.

- Hello there! My name is Daniel Stahl and I have the role of Producer on Star Trek Online.

- What do you think of the latest Star Trek movie directed by J.J. Abrams?

In fact, I just rewatched the movie last night! It is great to see the same familiar Star Trek universe in a new light. When you see those strange new worlds zipping by during the credits, it sparks the imagination and I look forward to seeing those types of worlds in the game.

- Star Trek Online has had a rather long development history...

- Star Trek has had a long relationship with video games. With the release of every game, fans have been that much closer to the dream of being their own Starfleet Captain. When the opportunity arose to work on Star Trek, Cryptic Studios was excited to take over the project. While we were not able to salvage much from the Perpetual Entertainment project, we're approaching the game with a passion, just as other developers before us have done.

- What are the unique features of your game distinguishing it from other MMORPG-games?

The simple fact that the game is set in the Star Trek universe makes a huge difference. Instead of making a vanilla MMO and then adding a little bit of Art to make it feel right, we have built gameplay systems around how a Starfleet Captain would progress throughout their career. Having a crew and massive Starfleet Vessel to explore the Star Trek universe provides a rich game play experience that Star Trek fans can not get elsewhere.

- Star Trek fans are known to be conservative and like to keep things closer to the original concept. Do you have something to please them with?

One of the joys in working directly with CBS is that we have access to the wealth of content that exists in all of the TV-series and novels. Even though there have been different series in different decades, they all feel like Star Trek. We feel that all fans will find the universe familiar in one way or another. And yes, there are costumes, ships, and aliens from all of the shows in the game.

- What can you say about the game's plot and its start date?

Star Trek Online takes place after the events of Voyager and the Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) movie. Romulus has been destroyed by the Hobus supernova (as seen in the J.J. Abrams movie), and Spock has left our universe. The fragile peace between the Federation and Klingon Empire has once again broken down and Starfleet finds itself surrounded by conflict.

- How big is the in-game world?

The universe in Star Trek Online encompasses several of the known factions familiar to most fans. This includes Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, and a bit of Borg space. Not to mention - Deepspace exploration and the many threats from outside our quadrant of the galaxy.

- What famous locations will we visit?

- The environment artists have done a wonderful job referencing many of the famous locations you remember from the shows: Vulcan, Andoria, and Risa just to name a few. Walking around the promenade on Deep Space Nine makes me smile every time.

- What is your "Genesis" system capable of?

In order to generate a wide variety of worlds for players to explore, we use the "Genesis" system to quickly populate planetary systems, planet surfaces, and interiors for our designers to work with. It is remarkably similar in concept to the "Genesis Project" video you see in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) film.

- What options are available when creating unique player's character and its appearance?

Customization is something Cryptic takes very seriously. We want players to make the Star Trek character they have in their imagination. Not only can you customize the look of your alien species, but you can select their traits, their uniform, and their history. You will spend hours creating your own alien race. I know I do.

- What is required to be done by a player to unlock the Klingon gameplay?

We are still deciding when and how players will unlock the more challenging Klingon gameplay. At the very least, we want players to be familiar with how the game plays before we introduce such complexities as Cloaking Devices and Clan Honor.

- What common mission types are available? Are there any PvE exploration and PvP combat tasks? What is in the rewards list?

Wow! That is a lot of questions in one! Imagine yourself in Starfleet in command of a massive Starship. Now imagine all of the types of tasks that you've seen them undertake in the TV shows. You are going to get to do those types of things. While you decide where to take your ship and crew, ultimately, your progression comes through merit with Starfleet. You have a job to do and will be expected to do it if you want to be promoted.

- What new useful skills can a player acquire during character's development?

With each rank you gain in Starfleet, new and more advanced skills will become available for you to place your skill points in. For example, as you advance towards the rank of Captain, you’ll have the chance to rank up and become more skilled at commanding a specific type of Starship.

- Have you implemented a Galactic Economy model?

- Star Trek has always presented a future where the economy is evolved from what we know today. You will find that matter and replication take the place of money or wealth. Merit and your desire to learn will drive you. Your mission and search for knowledge will provide you with information to trade and share.

- How many characters can be in one party?

For most standard missions, we allow up to 5 players to form a group. There are other large scale battles we refer to as Fleet Actions that allow up to 20 players and even more.

- Tell us about the main ship classes and models featured in the game.

- There are 3 main primary ship classes in the game: Cruisers, Escorts, and Science Vessels. Within those classes come all of the variations. At each rank you will gain access to larger and more task-specific versions of those ships.

- Will a player be able to modify his ship?

Absolutely. Not only can you customize the look of your Starship, but the engines, the shields, the deflector dish, all of those components you remember hearing about all make a difference to the performance of your ship. As you progress in your career, you will be upgrading and retrofitting these systems to make your ship perform the way you want it to.

- What is the space battle system like?

Space combat in Star Trek Online is tactical and engaging. As the Captain, you have command over all of the subsystems on your vessel. You distribute power where it is needed, and determine the types of station modifications to make to your ship. All of these impact your gameplay.

- What tactical decisions can be made by a Captain during a space battle?

Starfleet vessels are unique and highly customized. Depending on the class of ship you are in and your Captain and crew abilities, you will be able to perform a wide range of combat maneuvers. This includes attack patterns, weapon salvos, deflector dish tactics, shuttle raids, and shield extensions. Since these ships are so unique to Starfleet, they have little need or desire for you to commandeer other boarded vessels.

- What opportunities do the away missions offer?

- There are a wide variety of tactics that can be used on away missions depending on which officers you take with you and how you have trained them. If you take a Science officer, you will have options that you wouldn't have if you took a Tactical Security officer. It is all up to you on how you want your away team to perform. You can use cover to your advantage to recharge your shields and you can issue direct orders to all members of your away team.

- How can AI characters be developed and equipped?

Your bridge officers have almost as many customization options as your captain character. While they may not have as many skill options and equipment slots, they can be highly trained just as you are, however they are always at least one rank below you. You are the Captain after all.

- Can an AI officer die in combat? What consequences will a player have to face then?

True to Star Trek, we don't feel it is much fun to kill off your favorite characters. When your team fails in combat, you have the options of an emergency beam out or a medical resuscitation.

- How can you describe the in-game graphics engine?

I'll let the screenshots speak for me here.

- How's everything going in your sound department?

- Players are very familiar with the sounds of Star Trek. It is always fun to walk by the audio department as you often hear a familiar sound and easily know exactly what it is. We hope players and fans enjoy the work our sound engineers have done.

- Which subscription model will you offer?

At launch we will be offering a standard subscription to play as well as unique items that can be purchased through the online store.

- During the development of the game, have you been in contact with any people involved in the Star Trek franchise?

and Pocketbooks have been two of the other companies that we have had discussion with. It is rewarding to see the mutual passion shared across our teams and see how much everyone loves Star Trek. We are looking forward to seeing how we can contribute to the future of Star Trek together.

- How can you comment the ongoing Beta testing process?

- Beta testing is turning out to be a lot of fun and our testers are awesome. We get a ton of feedback on our forums and we are happy with the amount of passion everyone has for making this game great.

- What's the funniest bug you have ever encountered?

I think everyone's favorite bug is when you accidentally show up as a miniature Starship inside the hallways of a Star Base.

- When the game is going to be released?

The release date is February 5, 2010 for Europe.

- Will you continue to work on the new features afterwards?

In true Cryptic fashion, we plan to release additional content updates throughout the coming years and hope to get in everyone's favorite ship, costume, alien, planet, you name it.

- What would you wish to the Russian gamers?

We are very excited to be working on Star Trek Online and for fans who have been dreaming of the day when you can explore the Galaxy, we look forward to seeing you... out there amongst the stars.

- Thank you very much for your time, Daniel!

29.11.2009 00:21, Unicorn


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