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Название: All Points Bulletin
Зарубежное название: APB
Разработчик: Realtime Worlds
Издатель: Electronic Arts
Официальный сайт игры: перейти
Системные требования:
P4-2.0, 512 MB RAM, 128 MB 3D Card
Dual Core 2.4, 1 GB RAM, 512 MB 3D Card
MultiPlayer: Online only
Игра вышла: 29.06.2010
Рейтинг: 7.5

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For the first time All Points Bulletin was presented in Russia in the end of 2009 during the course of the "IgroMir" games expo. There a team sent by Realtime Worlds on a big stage showed the brilliant presentation of the game for the Russian gamers. Even during the Beta Test APB showed itself as a very fast-paced and intriguing MMO-Action game. The concept of the project was created by the British programmer and businessman – David Jones, who founded Realtime Worlds in Scotland in 2002.

Now Realtime Worlds employs more than 200 people, what makes this studio the biggest in this region. Since 2006 the management has been able to draw millions of dollars as investments into the development of the company. Nearly a year ago Gary Dale, a former financial director of the publisher Take-Two Interactive, stepped up as the CEO of Realtime Worlds.

David Jones now holds up the position of the Creative Development Director at Realtime Worlds. David Jones is well-known in the industry. He co-founded Rockstar North, participated in the making of such successful game series as Lemmings (1991-1994) and Grand Theft Auto (1997-1999), as well as Mobile Forces (2002). The team of the latter one later on moved on to join Realtime Worlds, which is also famous for its Crackdown (2007) game that became a true game bestseller earning 5 "BAFTA" awards in addition.

Some people call All Points Bulletin an online variation of Grand Theft Auto, but Realtime Worlds disagrees saying that APB is a new, unique and original game. You can read our extensive Review of this game, which we've really enjoyed playing, but for now move on to the Interview with Chris Collins who did a great job showing us All Points Bulletin at its best.

- Greetings! Please, introduce yourself.

Chris Collins (Community Officer for APB)- My name is Chris Collins, and I'm the Community Officer for All Points Bulletin.

- What do you think about Russia?

- I only once visited your country. Moscow is a great city, and I was very pleased with my trip. It was nice to taste your good food and meet new interesting people.

- Give us some background about your career.

- I've been really proud of working at Realtime Worlds since 2008. Before that I served as a PR-manager of Codemasters Online.

- What would you advise to the developers willing to survive an economic crisis?

- To stay as flexible as possible to be able to create unique and successful game products.

- What events for Realtime Worlds were the most significant in 2009?

- We were hiring new staff, expanding our team and moved into a larger office. We've been growing rapidly, and now our studio employs more than 250 specialists, what is a very important achievement for us. Some our employees reside in different countries, but the core team is based in the town of Dundee, Scotland, where our Headquarters is located. It is the main operational center of our studio.

- Why did you decide to name your game All Points Bulletin?

- All Points Bulletin is a warrant that is issued by law enforcement agencies in some countries. It contains the information on wanted suspects. Our game is a continuous Action. If the user was witnessed committing a crime, the Enforcers team will be dispatch to counteract. Those players who represent Enforcers would try to subdue the Criminals.

- How can you describe the game concept in general?

- It is an MMO-Action game based on the three pillars: Creativity, Conflict and Celebrities. The Creative side of the game is reflected in the fact that we provide you with the chance to play with thousands of different settings. If we speak about the appearance, they are: hair, eye shape, color, size, width of facial elements and the like. In addition, our game offers full-scale designer features allowing you to create your brand or logo using sets of graphical primitives of different shapes, colors, sizes, figures, palettes, layers and so on. Then you can use the final image on your clothing, vehicles, etc. We even added a music studio to the game so you could produce your own melodies playing out to other people when you defeat them. It will help you to pick your unique play style in APB, to show them your brand. However, it is not enough for a game to be just stylish. Gameplay and its entertaining value are also important.

The Conflict in the game is our Online Action concept. City streets are filled with hundreds of thousands of users at any time of day and night. Each server of APB can hold up to around 100 playing characters. Just imagine the scale of the street battles, where 50 Criminals and 50 Enforcers are fighting each other at the same time. We intentionally moved away from the skills idea, which are used for many modern MMOs. APB is all about achievements allowing you to progress with different contacts, unlock roles and earn rewards. According to our ideas, a player who spent a year or more in the world of APB will be easily distinguished from novice players by his rank and personal wardrobe. The more you progress in the game the more content you unlock. How you start a game and what is in future for you depends on your play style.

The presence of Celebrities means that you can vary the appearance of your character anyhow, show him or her to others. Each successful character in APB in time will become famous in the game world. Also characters can be sold out, traded, and found clans. Everyone will find a favorite thing to do in APB!

- What was inspiring you to create the game?

- Events of the real world and the Grand Theft Auto game series (1997-2009). APB is the spiritual successor of GTA, but with many noticeable changes in the basic concept, where real human players have taken places of virtual opponents. Indeed, in APB AI is responsible exclusively for managing the civilians in the streets, and has no effect on fighting between characters of human players. Just users are doing all the shooting in the streets of the fictional city of San Paro. Perhaps, you'll find some similarities between GTA and APB, but APB is not an online version of GTA and will never be it. Play it yourself to see that personally.

- What can you say about the game world in APB?

- Currently there are three districts in APB. The approximate size of each is two square kilometers. Every quarter resembles the form of a rectangle. In social area you can relax, taking your pleasure time, communicate with other players, change your clothes, while in other Action Districts there are ongoing major hostilities and missions to take on. Players will find a variety of bonuses, rewards and special achievements to sculpture their character or even to decorate the streets of San Paro showing the greatness of your personal graffiti. Of course, everyone would like to hold the title of the most valuable player in the area.

In the city itself you will see beautiful buildings and modern skyscrapers. It looks like a real metropolis with different designs of larger areas and smaller blocks. The sidewalks are full of pedestrians, and there are cars roaming through the streets. Almost the whole environment is destructible. You can smash road signs, break mail boxes, crush benches, containers, electrical panels and other scenery items either with your car or with your guns. Of course, after some time the traces of a recent massacre will disappear returning the streets of San Paro to their original state, but you will have enough time to admire your deeds noticing how your actions caused damage to the city's property!

- So where to start in APB?

- When you start, you can immediately go into one of two available Action Districts, Financial and Waterfront, to meet your first opposition. You will join the area hosted on a server holding up to 100 different players. You can find some new friends or catch up with some old ones. If they are in another instance, invite them to yours or jump to theirs. You will always be able to track, where your friends are, and what they are up to.

- Gameplay looks very realistic. What do Criminals usually do in APB?

- The Criminals can steal cars, mug pedestrians, rob shops, burn buildings and kill enemies with the firearms. They can do everything real criminals would do in a modern city. When you progress, you will earn APB-dollars for your success, it is an equivalent of the in-game currency. You won't be able to take hostages and demand ransom, but no one forbids you to take cover behind the backs of civilians while being under enemy fire.

If you risk the lives of ordinary people, then this will affect your Notoriety rating. Awards for dishonest actions will be reduced. The police will always try to catch the offenders, prevent crimes, defuse bombs, and arrest criminals. On completing their missions Enforcers will get some APB-dollars too.

San Paro hides around 20 contacts or bosses you have to work for. They will offer you various missions. You can try to complete them on your own or join a group, or help another group to finish their task going on a back-up call. Later on you can pledge your loyalty to a particular employer to get noticed by the others. Though firstly I'd recommend you finishing the Tutorial and finishing a few easy missions for the start. Then you will learn, where some new bosses reside. You will go there to interact with them, buy stuff or while waiting for a new mission.

Opposing contacts will be offered to participate in the counter-measures to prevent the stealing of cars or evidence. At any point of the mission, a game can send out an APB to the opposing faction, which starts an action Conflict. You might war 2 on 2 or 4 on 4 in various groups. There are various and intriguing combat scenarios to motivate new players to work altogether with more experienced ones, also there is a chance to call for back-up, and get additional reinforcements on your way.

- What are the usual mission goals?

- Surely, you have to reach the task's target as fast as possible, since the timer is counting till the results of the mission are presented to you. On the spot you will be doing various activities, for example, playing through "Capture a flag" mode. Sometimes you will have to take and drop out an item or commit a certain action first in the place that was specified. While on route, an APB can be issued, and Enforcers will move to engage and stop the Criminals from reaching their goals. The Criminals will have to clear the area and avoid being hunted down, since the Enforcers will also know the location, where the mission takes place. You will never know, what is coming next.

- How does the character's progression work?

Chris Collins shows the wide customization options of the character's creator in APB- You can tell, if a player you meet is new, since you'll notice the level of customizations made and stuff unlocked. If you see a character roaming around in a cool car with powerful weapons and stylish clothes, you can bet that he has been playing APB for a long time. We don't have skills like they work in other games. Instead you will use various tools to fine tune your own style of playing in APB! Everything that you can see on the streets or when interacting with NPCs can be a part of your personal style!

If you play every day and use a sniper rifle, for example, you might prefer fewer magazine clips, but faster reload times or to do slightly more damage with an each shot. When there is someone carrying a shotgun in your team, you can pick roles in the team. With your sniper rifle you'll shoot your enemies from a distance, while your team mate will engage in a closer combat. It depends on the tactics and your plans. Don't forget, that while in a team one person can drive while other passengers, which occupy different seats can lean out and shoot at the same time! You can imagine, how fun it can be, if you are carrying either an assault rifle, rocket or grenade launcher.

- What weaponry and gear are available to the main factions?

- The weapons are very similar for both sides of the conflict. The Enforcers alternatively use Stun Guns for arresting people, which The Criminals don't have access to. You can get new items by completing missions and receiving various rewards, which you buy using the acquired in-game currency. Killing someone in a certain way will bring in some other cool prizes. You can customize the weapons you own to change the ammunition level, the rate of fire, the reload time, and then use them with their enhanced characteristics.

- And what about the in-game vehicles?

- There are very many models of cars and even trucks in the game. Also the vehicles can be fully customized from the way they appear to how loud their stereo or engine sounds. You can manufacture custom vehicles and put them to the Auction house, selling the cars to other players. Exclusive cars can be unlocked, and you can use the sirens, if you are playing as an Enforcer.

- How can people create the groups?

- You can befriend characters you meet in the game. There is also an Active Grouping System in the game, so it might throw an APB out, and different people can get into one group just to complete one specific mission together. There is a text chat available, a VOIP-chat system, which you can use to communicate. Therefore, we provide all the ways for people to make social ties to others.

- In what ways can players interact in one team?

- There is a wide selection of various weapons and vehicles in the game. When you destroy your enemies, you will need to shoot them. When you are going to subdue or arrest them, you can use your less than lethal weapon. Arrested players will get handcuffed and have to spend some time in this state, while still being able to use VOIP-chat to scream to their team for help, begging to free the trapped character. It makes the gameplay even more dynamic.

- Can you describe the VOIP-features in more details?

- The voice features we have implemented are running through the Vivox service. You can chat with other players in your team, but by doing so you can explore various tactical opportunities. You can inform your team mates about your upcoming plans or enemy locations. It recreates the complete atmosphere of a living and breathing city.

- Tell us about the graphics engine of the project.

- We are using a very heavily modified version of the Unreal Engine 3. It is a fantastic engine to work with giving us a lot of great and important tools. To allow such a great level customization presented in the game we have to build our own version of it nearly from the ground up. We have successfully solved many technical issues during the development since the data had to be streaming in the game world showing users' images, looks every time and so on. Therefore, the main challenge of the development was on the technical side, and now even the driving works realistically.

- Who has worked on the audio portion of the game?

- We have integrated various audio tools into APB. The action will keep flowing all the time, and NPCs will react, since they also can speak. We are giving the players two options, when it comes to the in-game music. You can listen to your favorite tracks either in the vehicles or through the headphones. There are also certain specific melodies accompanying different events. The soundtrack also includes a number of tracks from well-known authors and bands. You can sign up on the official website and contribute your music to the game. MP3-playlists use the tags system to allow you to pick the tracks you want faster.

- What are the most unique features of APB, in your opinion?

- The Creative side of the game allowing heavy customization, which no other online game can offer now. Also you don't have to wait in the Lobby, till you get it. You don't need to face the AI-bots, since you'll face the real players. The game is very social in addition.

- What's the place of APB among other MMO titles?

- There is a lot of sense in making the players satisfied. On the other hand, some think stereotypically: "Oh, this is a new RPG, but with guns!", "Ah, that’s the GTA, but online!". We've built a very unique game world and ensured that the gamers have the true expectations about the game. With such approach no one can become disappointed. Everyone could join our already completed Beta Test to see our game in Action. New players with different skills were signing every week. Gamers have provided us with the great feedback, and they are really happy with what they see now, when the game is released.

- What picture do you have on your desktop?

- That's an APB wallpaper on my work PC. On my home PC there is some graphics designed by one of my friends.

- What is your favorite video game?

- That's very difficult to choose! I've been a big World of Warcraft (2004-2008) player. However, for me Shining Force II (1994) on Mega Drive was the game of all time!

- What do you like to do in your free time?

- I enjoy music. I play a guitar and sing. If you search around, probably, you can even find some my recordings.

- Name some things you associate with Russia.

- Obviously, that is Vodka and also the good food, for example.

- Thank you very much for this Interview, Chris!

- You are welcome!

An autograph signed by Chris Collins
02.07.2010 17:25, Unicorn


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