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Название: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
Разработчик: Blizzard Entertainment
Зарубежный издатель: Blizzard Entertainment
Издатель в России: 1С-СофтКлаб
Официальный сайт игры: перейти
Официальный русский сайт игры: перейти
Системные требования:
P4-2.6, 1 GB RAM, 128 MB 3D Card
Dual Core 2.4, 2 GB RAM, 512 MB 3D Card
MultiPlayer: Internet (12)
Жанр: Strategy, RTS
Игра вышла: 27.07.2010
Рейтинг: 9.2

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty stands were everywhere at the eventEvening of the 26th of July that took place in a shopping center located in the south-west of Moscow would always be very special for the Russian gamers and remembered for the the Russian premiere of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. The event was jointly organized by the developer of the game - world-known Blizzard Entertainment and the Russian publisher of the project, the "1C-SoftClub" company. The first hundreds of buyers were so eager to hurry to get a box with the game that they were ready to wait in fans' queue for hours till the sales were planned to start! The security was on guard, but to the fans' credit they behaved really nice.

A lot of journalists were working and covering the event. Luckily, alongside our colleagues we had bagdes and a separate entrance to see and listen to everything that was happening from the first rows. Many contests took place allowing the most loyal fans of the franchise to get tons of really cool and branded souvenirs and other goodies resembling the famous StarCraft universe. The most The queue of people willing to get the game copy first was really long and tightfortunate ones were even selected to represent Russia in the international pool of candidates struggling for a much bigger prize - the foreign trip planned by Blizzard for the winners. Who knows, they might get the chance to see the BlizzCon 2010 live!

The show, of course, included the entertainment part with a guest DJ, drummers' band and an instrumental ensemble playing music reminding of a StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty soundtrack. Meanwhile, against the backdrop of a mysterious waterfall wall there was a big neon board, counting down the minutes and seconds up to a treasured moment, when anyone could grab a box of the game. All the store employes were dressed in StarCraft II T-shirts. Huge game banners were stretched along the shop's halls forming the corridor from the entrance to the stand holding game boxes, which were hours ago filled Invited musicians reminded the guests of the style of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty soundtrackwith empty, but authentic ones for promotional purposes. If you know only knew, how many people tried to open them to sadly admit that there was nothing inside! It was a part of the big plan, since the promotional boxes were replaced with actual game copies just in time for the first buyers to get the game of the dreams.

Guests were supplied with water while waiting, and were also entertained by people dressed in the StarCraft II unique races costumes. The most notable one was the heaviest one representing the suit of a big Space Marine requiring additional assistance to move anywhere. A day before this hero had a honour to get a personal photo shoot walking across Red Square.

The closer the time to the game going on sale was approachin, the more nervous The press showed the guests how they should have run for their StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty copysome of our colleagues become expecting to see the wave of rushing customers. Fortunately, the creators of the event knew what they were doing perfectly. The routes were planned carefully to avoid any overcrowding effects. When the gamers reached the stand, they really looked happy. Buyers grabbed standard and collector's editions of the games taking various copies into one hands for friends, family, and just in case if something bad happens with the game disc after a few years of frequent usage. Branded souvenirs were also on demand including cool mouse pads designed specifically for the StarCraft II fans.

However, more surprises were waiting the buyers when leaving the shop. At the table in the dark it was possible to meet Tony Hsu - Producer of StarCraft II at Blizzard Entertainment, who arrived to share the happiness of the Russian gamers celebrating the game's release. Tony was ready to sign an autograph for any customer willing to get it.

A few hours earlier in a separate room of Blizzard Entertainment at the event we had a great talk with Tony Hsu, the Producer of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, about his impressions from staying in Russia, the creative process of the game, and even the future plans of the developer. We fitted all the cool photos we made at the event alongside the text of the Interview. Be sure to check them out as well as the comments we've provided for them. 

- Greetings! Please, introduce yourself.

Tony Hsu (The Producer of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty)- Hello! My name is Tony Hsu, and I'm the game producer for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty for Blizzard Entertainment. Primarily, I've been working with the Design group, though before I used to be with an Engineering group. Due to the changes in the team I had the ability to move and work for this Design team to help shape the game out from the Designer's side. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is the most awesome game ever!

- Give us some background about your career.

- Oh, Blizzard is my first videogames studio that I work for. I joined the company in 2003. One of the things I love so much about Blizzard is that they really give the employees the opportunity to grow and to learn. Blizzard truly cares about its staff. When I started at Blizzard, I was working with text support, answering the incoming e-mails, helping people with Diablo II (2000), Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (2003). From there I moved to a Game Masters Department. Initially, 12 specialists were employed there. Later on I was promoted to a Senior Game Master, then to the Lead Game Master, but after that I decided to move to the Game Development, where I could work with an Engineering Group. Finally, I became the Producer in the Design Group. I participated in many activities of Blizzard, and that was great for me to see all the different aspects of the company during the course of my nearly 7-years length career up to this date. Just look: now I'm in Moscow and I'm talking to you here!

- What impressions have you got about Russia?

- This is my first time in Russia, and I'm so incredibly impressed with being here. I haven't been able to take a personal vacation yet, but Moscow is absolutely beautiful! I had only short amount of free time, though we managed to see Saint Basil's Cathedral from the outside, toured the Kremlin. The architecture here is so amazing, while holding so much rich history inside. You can compare it to our California. What do we have there? The Disneyland's Park? That's a no match. Russia is just phenomenal.

- We wouldn't mind having one Disneyland here too by the way, really…

- [Laughs].

- What about our Moscow's heat? Is it easy to handle?

- You know, it is funny, but actually a lot of people nowadays comment your weather, but it is hot just like usually in California. We just came from Rome, and the heat here is quite more pleasant comparatively.

Everyone wanted to get a memorable picture close to a cosplay of a cool Space Marine- Tell us about the StarCraft II premiere in the world and any events related to it.

- It is great that Blizzard is sending developers all over the world to present the game to the public. They can really celebrate the game's release together with the fans in many countries. I mean, we developed StarCraft II for such a long time. Now we are so excited to deliver it to the hands of our audience finally. During such events we can tour the whole world, meet new people, receive this warm reception. Here in Russia we also see these giant signs of happiness coming to us from your gamers.

- What other countries did you visit during this StarCraft II World Tour?

- Personally, I visited Paris in France, Florence and Rome in Italy. After that I arrived to Russia.

- What are you excited about the most in today’s event in Moscow?

- Absolutely just meeting the fans, because it is really the biggest thing. Just think that our little team worked really hard for so long! We played it, got the feedback out of the community, and our community is really wonderful, showing us so much support and love. During the Beta Test we received even more comments to make StarCraft II even better. Ultimately, the development of the game is finished, and now we can see the There was a very high demand not only for the game itself, but for the branded souvenirs as wellexcitement of the fans. We made the game for them, and now we can look right into their eyes, talk to them. Russia and Moscow have great StarCraft fans judging on the people I've met so far. I was so thrilled to be there!

- What differences do you see between the StarCraft fans in different countries?

- You know, there is a really interesting point about the different StarCraft fans from around the world. For example, I'm here, but I don't speak Russian. When I visited Korea for the Worldwide Invitational Event I didn't speak Korean, but there actually exists the universal language of StarCraft everyone understands. I might not be able to talk to someone in his or her native language, but when I'm doing an autograph's signing for the people, they can come to me and shout: "Protoss!". An actor portraying a Space Marine in a heavy suit took a part in a photo shoot at Moscow's Red SquareThat is how we can communicate with each other through the language of the game. StarCraft really easily overcomes any language barriers.

- What was your main personal challenge when developing the game?

- Out of all the challenges for the StarCraft II development process that would be the Story mode. It is something we have never done before. Yes, we have already done RTS-games: StarCraft (1998), Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (2002), Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (2003), so we've been familiar with working on the races, on the game balance, and so on. However, still for StarCraft II we decided to make something completely brand new: its great single-player campaign. It required a lot of additional work trying to flash out the idea and deciding how many sets we wanted, how we would like to implement it, whether we would need some new units, what would they be like, what would happen to the old units, what we would do with the Terrans, and who they would be in the sequel. Terrans are humans, so they use money, and with money you can purchase upgrades. You can also explore the game world to get the research points from there. We created a super compelling story through the amazing sets, characters, cinematic. All alone it was a huge challenge, and you will feel it, when you play yourself.

Many other StarCraft cosplay variants were at present at the event, people just couldn't resist touching them over and over again- What inspired you in your work?

- I'm a huge geek. I love comic books, movies, I put my hands on all the interesting videos coming out. I go to the comic books shop at least once a week to read what new stories that become available there. At Blizzard a wonderful creative environment has been created for the employees. It works like that: artists make a new Zerg unit providing some accompanying concept art, then the game designers come in creating some cool abilities for it. Finally, when the programmers see the art and the list of the abilities, they get ready the code supporting different missile attacks for the unit or straight shots, beams, how they are fired. It becomes such a collaborative effort for each other! We can get our inspiration everywhere. That's why we make great games!

- Did the Beta Test change anything in the game?

- By the time we got to the Beta, a lot of remaining work was just fine tuning. At that point we were already pretty confident in the balance that we did for the game. We have a very small pool of internal testers, and these guys are phenomenal. They are professionals can play very well. However, until you get hundreds of thousands of people playing you find out that sometimes gamers do things you could never think of. It is quite surprising, Blizzard's employees in Russia were ready to give away StarCraft souvenirs to the most loyal fansbut when looking at the balance and the numbers, we have statistics everywhere for everything to look at helping to answer some users' claims saying that the Terrans are underpowered or like the Zerg are overpowered. If you take time watching matches in different leagues, you will surely see that the game is relatively balanced. All through this stage of our work, we were just adding more fun to the game, for example, to match the strength of different factions at the end-game phase.

- What is your way to play StarCraft II?

- My favorite faction is The Protoss. My heart wants to say "Zerg" really much, but still there is a bit too much micromanagement with them for me using the Queen, the spawning pools and everything like that. It is somewhat overwhelming for my personal game experience. I love Zealots and Stalkers. The most I like The High Templar units. With them you can go around for a great rush. The Protoss are a really versatile race having very powerful and flexible units being able to answer any enemy's challenge using their special warp ablities, and so on.

Now moving on to my personal strategies and tactics in the game. If you ask people in the office, they'd call me "The Griefer", but in a good fair way. People were ready to spend money easily during the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty premiere in RussiaI'm the guy, who can build structures in your base, proxy rush you when flanking you out secretly, using photon cannon against you. I always look for the back and weakly defended entrances to your camp to heavily storm them. I'd call myself a cheesy player. I enjoy defeating my opponents very creatively and I get a lot of fun doing that!

- Could you remember any funny moments of the development process?

- Blizzard has a great sense of humor about itself. I will never forget a meeting where we all were sitting in a Conference Room discussing serious development things. Then two of our artists just walked by the doorway carrying a couch. We wondered, what they needed it for. Later on we found out that just wanted a couch in their office. So they went downstairs to the main lobby, picked up the couch there, waved out to the security cameras and delivered the couch all the way back to their room. Tony Hsu was eager to sign autographs for the customers of the gameThe funny part was when the security guards found them. We have secretly hidden this video later on, and you even can find it, if you're lucky enough.

- What are your upcoming plans after the Wings of Liberty release?

- Well, I'll just relax. I'll be playing a lot though. Finally, after finishing StarCraft II I can enjoy playing it myself in campaign, in the multiplayer and its leagues! During the development the game was changing every single week. Just imagine that at first you had a chance to learn the perfect balance or build order and a week later it wouldn't help you already, so you have to study and understand all the new things again. Or you could a purchase a technology, and then it was gone in a few days, since during the development there was no investments phase. Now I can have a good time while using the technologies I’m buying, keep them, earn achievements, that would be a lot of fun to do!

- What are your favorite video games?

- I really like Blizzard's titles. The Wings of Liberty shop's route to a box with a Wings of Liberty game copyIn the past I played tons of Coin-Ops arcade games, and I got to the point, where I could beat the game without losing a single time. I enjoy playing fighting games as well, RPGs, pretty much many other genres, for example, First Person Shooters, though I’m really bad in them. I'm the kind of guy, who makes a lot of mouse turns there and gets headshots all the time! [Smiles].

- What do you like to do in your free time?

- StarCraft II has become such a huge part of my life. So when it is not up to any computer-related activities, honestly, I just like watching TV, sit on the bed and spend time home with my lovely fiancée and my dog. We just relax. I've been working so hard, so it is very important to have a good rest as well.

- Name some things you associate with Russia.

- The Kremlin, delicious Mushroom Dumplings I tasted the last evening, and wonderful friendly people all over, which I met while staying here!

- What would you wish to all the StarCraft fans in Russia?

- I would wish them to enjoy the game! We put so much work into it, and we hope that you will like it as much as I do!

- Thank you for the answers, Tony!

- You are welcome!

Tony Hsu signed an autograph for our readers
27.07.2010 20:34, Unicorn


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