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Название: Гладиаторы
Зарубежное название: Gladiators
Разработчик: Nekki
Зарубежный издатель: Nekki
Издатель в России: Nekki
Официальный сайт игры: перейти
Официальный русский сайт игры: перейти
MultiPlayer: Online Only
Жанр: Strategy, Business
Игра вышла: 01.03.2007

If you like anicent history, surely, you know, who the Gladiators are. Famous arena fighters in the times of the glorious Roman Empire were battling each other and sometimes even to death for money, fame, freedom or happiness of their masters. Today in Europe you can see the remnants of some big gladiatorial arenas of the past, but if you're interesed in managing your own ancient gladiators' school, you can do it in modern videogames!

Gladiators is a MMO-Browser game featuring some RPG-elements and designed by the Russian company - Nekki. It's been online for nearly 4 years and holds more than a million of registered users, while thousands of them are playing it every day.

The plot of the game tells a story about the once mighty Roman Emperor, who asked the Senate to arrange grand gladiatorial games. To glorify his name, many patricians rushed to open their own schools of arena fighters. The player takes up the role of one of these patricians firstly meeting a Senator, Mark Cornelius, who was to distribute some government subsidies. Having fulfilled all his tasks, you will receive the Lanista's title becoming like a modern manager but of anicent gladiators!

Tournaments reprise one of the key features of the game. There are varieties of regulations and prizes at present running hourly and daily. Not only individual players, but also guilds can compete trying to find out the best gladiatorial school in the game. By the way, the names of the fighters were taken from actually existing different types of gladiators of ancient Rome.

We caught up with Evgeniy Dyabin, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Nekki, to ask him some questions about the development of the game, Gladiators, its current state, features and the future.

- Greetings! Please, introduce yourself.

- Hello! My name is Evgeniy Dyabin, CTO at Nekki. It can be said, I stood at origins of Gladiators.

- What were the historical materials you studied in the process of creating the game?

We relied on many different sources - from textbooks to monographies. Personally, for me the most interesting was how to make the list of available gladiators' types and their equipment authentic. The sources had so much confusion, and we had to compare the different descriptions to select the classification, which seemed the most logical. As a result, in the setting of the game only those types of gladiators got into the game, who had been recognized in the most historical documents.

No less interesting was the task of outlining sketches for each gladiator. We looked at the accurate history prints, but had to think them over in great detail choosing shield patterns, defining the size of the in-game weapons, etc. To ensure the presence of the familiar to many ancient Rome atmosphere we borrowed some things like the clothing, the architecture, the Senate's vacancies official titles from the famous movies and books about this era. Tournaments in the game, basically, by their names coincide with the celebrations in honor of a ancient deity, which also took place in ancient Rome.

- Tell us about the main types of fighters, which the player can hire.

- There are 10 types of gladiators, which differ from their types of weapons, combat characteristics and parameters of the equipment. Their names come from Latin and Greek words, and in most cases refer to any element of gladiatorial gear. I will not give these names and enumerate all its characteristics, but I would note only that before the fight, you should check out the physical condition (health, stamina, strength) and the equipment of your fighter. Before the battle, you can specify the size of bonuses for your gladiator if he wins: the higher the premium is, the more chances you have to defeat the opponents. Also it is important to define places of the gladiators in the arena at the times of mass battles, and to provide your people with personal guidance on the tactics of battle. In general, it is necessary to consider all the options available to you before entering a contest.

- How to train a perfect gladiator?

- The Highlights of any Gladiator are his talent, age, experience level, type and skills. The talent is given from birth not changing in time. The other characteristics can be trained or improved in battles. There is some statistical dependency in how various characteristics influce each other. For example, you will train your gladiator faster if talent, age, skill level of a trainer values are in line for that. While the martial characteristics of the gladiator are affected by the type of the warrior, his experience level and skills distribution. When you see, how it works in practice, you can think about the best development path for any your gladiator, and pick experts to hire him for training and rehabilitation of his detachment, therefore, defining the direction to carve your way to victory in matches. Also do not forget that while fighting gladiators not only gain experience, but also lose their vital energy, which is restored later during a game day. Their morale is changing, not to say that your fighter can even get injured!

Incidentally, each of the gladiators has the hidden rage value, which can show itself right in the heat of a battle. The rage grows, when a gladiator misses hits or makes mistakes in attack or defence. It can also get lower, if a gladiator carries out successful strikes. If a threshold level is passed, a fury state can enter its effect. It will completely remove fatigue, letting a gladiator to take the initiative in battle. The pain will be relieved, but the tactics would change to a complete full-scale offense. The Fury state can become activated an unlimited number of times during the match, while sometimes it'll never show itself. The morale can influence the rage too: the higher it is, the longer you can enjoy the effects of this Fury condition.

- What is the in-game currency used for? How to earn it?

- You can earn money with a variety of ways. The player is invited to buy shops and to hire a Trader to get some permanent income. In addition, you can make money from victories in battles and in tournaments, or by selling trained gladiators to other participants. For rapid development you even have the possibility of obtaining a loan from a local moneylender, of course, if you agree to pay out debt as well as some additional interest later on.

The earned denarii can be invested into enhancing your infrastructure: creating new buildings and hiring professionals to help your gladiators to perform better. In addition to your own manor (upgradeable with up to 4 levels), you can construct a school of gladiators, stables, shooting range, and if desired, yet many other useful facilities, providing comfort and better training of your gladiators like blacksmith, physician's office or thermae.

Gladiators is a Free-to-Play game, but for the convenience of users, we also provided some paid options. Anyone can buy the so-called bonuses, using which, the player receives additional features: senatorial seats, restoration of specialists, etc. You can also exchange the bonuses for the in-game dinarii at a favorable rate. Later on you will use these denarii to purchase new gladiators for your school, to get better equipment for them or to construct various buildings.

- How important is the purchase and use of equipment in the game?

- You will find various equipment packs for different types of gladiators in the game. It allows you to get additional protection for your fighters, to make them stronger, increase the DPS done to the enemy. Every day in the weapons shop 10 new equipment packs are supplied for each range of gladiatorial levels of gladiators. The goods get a renewal daily after 5:00 AM. To wear a particular set, your gladiator has to be of an appropriate experience level. All the equipment in the game is divided into 4 types: standard, enhanced, silver and gold. Each type in a specific ratio improves the parameters of attack and defense. Among other things, silver and gold outfits also enhance the gladiator's morale condition.

- In what ways do the in-game tournaments work?

In the game there are five types of tournaments: State (which in turn are divided into Beginner tournaments, Plebeian, Imperators and Senator), Mixed, Guild (taking place inside one particular Guild), InterGuild (where different Guilds and their members compete for victory) and Commercial. All the tournaments are limited by the experience levels of gladiators, who can participate, participating in these gladiators, while the level of players is limited only in the Beginner and Plebeian Tournaments. When a player goes to the arena, he sees the announcement of the upcoming battles for his suitable category, as well as some information about the start time of the registration. To participate in the tournament you have to go to the "Arena - Tournaments" game section and join any of the proposed fights.

When participating in the tournament, the player gets more money and experience than in training battles. The description of each tournament will always have information about how much more money and experience the player will get, as well as the total prize fund sum, which is divided between all the participants in the tournament depending on the position in the contestants' table. The amount of money that can be earned for winning any next stage is shown inside the Tournament Rules, when you click on any appropriate stage you need to know more about. In addition, to the money prize and experience for winning, after victory a player's profile will be filled with information regarding the tournament alongside with the avatar involved.

- How is the in-game Senate formed, and how its decisions affect the game?

- The Senate consists of users, who have bought a senatorial position for the bonuses. The Chairman of the Senate or the Consul is elected by the players every two weeks. To vote and be voted for is eligible for any senator, whose main tasks are to discuss various issues to improve the gameplay quality and to vote for different opened proposals. The meeting of the Senate takes place in the Forums or in a special chat room, convened by the Consul, who starts voting procedures for any of the proposed issues. After a thorough discussion of the problems raised by senators, the voting itself takes place, and results of it are transmitted to the game's Administration. We can say that for us the Senate is the measure of community wisheswishes alongside the new ideas offered by gamers, which can strongly influence the future of the project. For example, the recent modernization of the Guilds' Tournaments was created on the basis concluded in the wishes coming from the Senate.

- The game has a very easy to learn interface. How did you achieve that?

- To some extent, this is the perfect example of the famous convenient interface made by Nekki. This convenience is obtained by doing usability "as for myself", not to look for something for too long and to keep everything necessary at hand. Day by day clicking here and there is the best way to understand how to make the most important things closer to a user. The interface of Gladiators was updated after over a year of existence of our other project - 11x11. All the good new ideas were then transferred to the renewed design of Gladiators.

- Were there any artistic challenges?

- Before the current design appeared for a long time the game held a "darker" design version. In it you could see the greater emphasis on functionality rather than style. It was quite justified at that time, because the first place primarily should belong to usability and convenient playability. When we started to upgrade the project, we could afford to spend some more time and efforts on enhancing the decorations. Not one or two artists were workin on this game. As a result, I think we managed to create the right impression and convey the desired atmosphere perfectly.

- What attracts users to the game currently?

- I assume that the biggest attraction in the game is its very user-friendly interface, nice graphics and easy in-game management. Of course, social ties also play an important role providing gamers with the ability to communicate with others, because everyone is happy to spend time with people sharing his or her interests.

- How do you plan to develop Gladiators in future?

- The work on the project continues. From time to time, there are interesting ideas and suggestions coming from our the most loyal gamers. Not everything can be quickly implemented on the technical side, and not everything can fit into the existing gameplay borders, but our plans include quite a few interesting additions. This relates primarily to expand the clans' gameplay clan (in game we call them Guilds), and the working title of the project is already well-known to players as "The Geopolitical System".

- In your opinion, what awaits the genre of online browser games in the coming years?

- Judging by the steady for the moment dynamics, the rapid growth in popularity of the genre of online browser games in the near future will keep up its pace. Just look yourself: the social networking component is gaining more and more users around the world involved, and our country, Russia, is a no exception. I believe that the success of browser games lies in the fact of their easy integration with the highly popular social networks. Demand, of course, will look for the highest quality, and only the most original and interesting project can stand out. Hopefully, in the near future in Russia the Internet will get a wider audence, especially at a regional level, what would be an excellent platform for the development of any online entertainment solutions.

Of course, all our projects will be developing further. All of their topics have the space for expansion. It is just of great importance to provide interesting features both to the novice and experienced groups of players. As for 4 new titles currently in the development by Nekki I can name our hockey manager, Ice Kings, which has entered the open Beta-test phase already. There other three games are much more distant from sports, and even walked away a bit from our traditional manager's concept. Therefore, we have already announced The Cube - a thriller-genre game of survival in a labyrinth of various rooms. Feel free to head over to our official site to learn more about these exciting titles!

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