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Название: FIFA 11
Разработчик: EA Canada
Издатель: EA Sports
Официальный сайт игры: перейти
Официальный русский сайт игры: перейти
MultiPlayer: LAN, Internet
Жанр: Sport, Football
Игра вышла: 28.09.2010

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From left to right: Tony Watkins (CEO of EA Russia), Sergey Semak (Russian national football team's Captain), and a marketing representative of EA RussiaEA's summer press event for the Russian presentation of FIFA 11, which took place in Moscow in the middle of July, was a perfect chance for journalists to place the hands on the first public build of the game and get some more exclusive information about the game. We have also spotted several VIP guests attending the event. Amongst them we can name CEO of EA Russia, Tony Watkins, the VP of marketing for the Play label of Electronic Arts, John Buchanan, the Producers of FIFA 11, Ian Jarvis (PC) and David Rutter (Xbox 360, PS3), the Captain of the Russian national football team, Sergey Semak, and the famous local Sports commentator, Vasiliy Soloviev, who regurarly does some voice overs for the Russian versions of the FIFA games.

After the presentation we caught up with Ian Jarvis to ask him some questions about the upcoming FIFA 11 for PC and the creative process of this game, which is going to show us notable Next-gen quality of a modern football simulator gameplay and graphics on the PC platform.

- Greetings! Please, introduce yourself to our readers.

Ian Jarvis (the Producer of FIFA 11 on PC)- Hi there! I'm Ian Jarvis, the Producer of FIFA 11 for PC.

- Give us some background about yourself.

- This is my first Press-Tour. I joined EA about 6 years ago. My first team experience with the series was FIFA 07 on Next-gen consoles. After that I joined our central Online group, where I served as a producer for our ESPN relationship and developed mainly Online features. Later on I came back to the series and became the producer of FIFA 10 on Nintendo Dual Screen (NDS), then FIFA 11 on the same NDS platform, and now I'm the Producer of FIFA 11 on PC.

- What impressions did you get about Russia?

- This was my first time in Russia. Unfortunately, I was able to spend just a day in Moscow, which had not been enough to see many places of interest, but it was beautiful. When we arrived, we had a chance to tour Red Square and some other spots and to get a great Russian dinner! I'd love to spend more time in your country longer next time, since my staying here was really nice.

- Come to present FIFA 12 to us next year then!

- Sure, sound good!

From left to right: David Rutter (the Producer of FIFA 11 on PS3, Xbox 360), Ian Jarvis (the Producer of FIFA 11 on PC), and a German EA's office marketing representative- How has the FIFA series changed in the recent years for you personally?

- I think the biggest change would be bringing next-gen to PC. Next-gen gameplay would be a huge leap for PC gamers, so we are also bringing to PC familiar Next-gen game modes, and, of course, the superb Next-gen graphics! It is a black and white experience from the last year. We don't have a single line of code from the last year's PC edition in FIFA 11. It is brand new, totally brand new!

- What was influential for you and your team when developing the game?

- You take a lot of things into account when you're developing games. It is important to look at other football games, and what is proposed by their creators or was available previously, but for me it was more important to listen to the community. I've seen all sorts of Forum postings about FIFA 10. You know. there are many people who want to try that Next-gen experience. The fans even one time signed an online petition to bring Next-gen ideas to the PC version in the series. So listening to the community was the bigger part of the direction we went in.

- How would you explain console versions of the FIFA games getting warmer reception in previous years than their PC counterparts?

It wasn't easy to find a free spot to try out the first moments of FIFA 11 gameplay since a lot of people at the event wanted to do the same-
That's a correct observation. Obviously, it is our big message that we are bringing in Next-gen to the PC. You know, the reception of the game versions for different platforms certainly was one of the big factors that drove us to adapt Next-gen quality to PC this year. I'm not sure what future holds, but really we've been putting big investments into bringing Next-gen to PC. Therefore, I think, there would be many great features PC gamers will appreciate seeing implemented in FIFA 11.

- Was it difficult to make such a transition technologically?

It was a big effort. A lot of people might think "Oh, why don't you just copy and paste the code to the new game?!", but in reality it isn't that simple all. The game has been in development for almost 2 years till this time, we had to consider many different things for the PC version. Obviously, gamers have various system configurations, there are different sets of graphics cards, interface controllers. By the way, FIFA 11 will support 35 models of the controllers, so we had to think about this as well.

- Was the in-game AI improved?

- Absolutely, again that is completely new experience for the PC gamers comparing to the last year. Brand new code means also new animation, new physics, where we got the system called Fight for Possession, Ian Jarvis (the Producer of FIFA 11 on PC) watches Vasiliy Soloviev (the commentator of the Russian versions of FIFA games) playingwhich includes shielding the ball, wild dribble turns. Previously on pC you didn't have the 360 Degree Motion, you could turn at a lesser extent, and the ball kind of stayed with you. Now with the 360 Degree Dribling you can go on a nice wide arc, and there is animation allowing you to bring that ball in a very realistic way along with you.

There are a lot of really other cool gameplay enhancements. From an AI perspective though, one thing we did in particular is enhancing the goalkeeper AI. When I played the demo-version with the people on PCs, a lot of time my opponents tried to do the cheap shot over the goalkeeper. In FIFA 10 on consoles it wasn't necessary an exploit, but you could often score by doing that. That's one of the improvements we made to the AI: the keeper may not come out that far as before, and now plays more intelligently in how he is doing that.

- The latest 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa showed once again the importance of referees' decisions in the football world. What's new for FIFA 11 in this area?

- Surely, it is a big part of our game, and it is also very authentic. We have made a few adjustmens from FIFA 10 on Next-gen platforms. However, it is more fine-tuning, basically improving referees' logic in terms of calling fouls, adding some improvements here and there to provde a more pleasant experience on PC.

Girls were signing up the attendats at the press event- What controllers will the game support?

- In terms of the specific controllers FIFA 11 will support a wide variety of them. We focused on certified Xbox 360 controllers for Windows. That was the visuals we built the interface on, but if the user doesn't have this controller, it'd still be ok to play the game. We will include the application that will let you customize different buttons to help you with the in-game controls.

- Name some things you associate with Russia.

- Beautiful architecture, great people and good football!

- Thank you very much, Ian, especially for the faith in Russian football!

- You are welcome!

An autograph signed by Ian Jarvis (the producer of FIFA 11 on PC)
06.08.2010 16:41, Unicorn


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