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Название: 11x11
Разработчик: Nekki
Зарубежный издатель: Nekki
Издатель в России: Nekki
Официальный сайт игры: перейти
Официальный русский сайт игры: перейти
MultiPlayer: Online Only
Жанр: Sport, Manager
Игра вышла: 05.06.2008

11x11 is a browser-based football manager, where you can hire, manage and develop your squad as long as your club's stadium to advance in various tournaments pursuing fame, prestige titles, Football Cups and in-game bonuses. The game was launched in 2008, and now has more than 2,7 mln. of registered users. We interviewed Victoria Bardovskaya, a PR-Manager at Nekki, the company which created 11x11 as well as many other remarkable browser-based game titles.

- Greetings! Please introduce yourself. What is your role in the project?  
- Good day! My name is Victoria Bardovskaya. I work as a PR-manager at Nekki.

- What inspired the developers to create the online soccer manager - "11x11"?

- By the time the development of a football manager game, 11x11, started we'd already had enough experience in making similar products. In particular, we had launched the game The Golden Boot. So we can say that the idea of 11x11 is the result of thinking about how you can make a good game even better. Source of inspiration in the process of creating a new project in the first place was, of course, the love of football. We would like a browser-based game about football management to have a convenient, transparent and easy to use interface staying as authentic as possible. The result of our work has turned into a brand new football manager. We can safely state that all the goals set were achieved. 

- How would you define the audience of the project?

- Our players reprise motivated young people who have an analytical mind. They are keen on sports and prefer active forms of recreation.

- Why has the game become popular?

- There are several reasons. First of all, it has a friendly interface, nice looking graphics and ease website navigation through the site. The appealing factors were strengthened by such important features as helpful technical support service, regular updates, good work of our community managers, availability of interesting contests and promotions.

Also popular games create the possibility of making new friends and chat with other players. In addition, from time to time we hold formal meetings of our players. Just a few months ago we threw a 11x11 party devoted to the 2nd anniversary of our project. Players who have come to the meeting were very pleased, because such events serve as a great opportunity to take a break from work, to meet new people, and to spend some time in a pleasant company.

- Speak about the most remarkable features of "11x11".

- Among other things perhaps the most remarkable feature of the project 11x11 is that the project represents an almost complete social network, where players can exchange views, communicate among themselves with each other and share photos. As for the gameplay itself, it is worth noting especially the opportunity to play an unlimited number of games at any time, as well as the option to view the matches in 2D-mode, which makes the game more vivid and interesting. 

With regard to progressing in the game, I'll start from the beginning. Every day hundreds of tournaments are played. In fact, at any time when going into the game, the contestant may choose to try out the tournament, which will take place in the closest 10-20 minutes. Otherwise, at any time you can play out a friendly match always finding a competent rival for yourself.

In any case, by submitting an application to the tournament, prompting a rival or endorsing his bid, the player gets a few minutes to prepare the team for the match. This occurs in the window so-called "The Builder", which opens automatically before the match. Here you can choose the main settings: the line-up of players for the match and their position on the field to name a few. Using advanced parameters you can define another dozen and a half of intriguing options. For example, to choose a style of play balancing the attack-defense runs ratio, to issue individual tasks or roles to the certain footballers (such as playmaker or dispatcher), to select the reserves, and even to promise a victory bonus to raise players' morale. You have just 7 minutes for all these preparation, but most players can manage this process for 2-3 minutes.

When both players are ready with their settings, the match is started, and then can be viewed from the 2D-perspective. Alternatively, you can go to the post-match results directly. A player who wants to become a winner has to remember that in the world of 11x11 there are no accidental victories or defeats. Outcome of a match depends on many parameters and settings defined by a player.

We've been developing our match engine for 7 years to make it as realistic as possible providing you with an authentic feel of the real football. When you see it, you will just have to admit that it is the best football match engine seen in a browser-based game ever!

- What changes have appeared in the game's concept since the first launch in 2008?

- You can find tons of changes! Firstly, we have improved the match engine, installed an additional server and established a server for our foreign audience. Secondly, in the game itself the number of competitions available has risen, and the emphasis on developing the community was strengthened.

- How do foreign players in "11x11" differ from the Russian ones in their play style?

- In addition to the two servers covering the CIS countries, we have opened a new .COM server for foreign countries, where the citizens of Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey can play. In my opinion, foreign gamers are not that much different from the Russian ones. Though you can still notice their great management skills and the ability to form up very effective teams. For example, when we were preparing for the "Third World Championship" in the game world, the foreign users were the first to create organized national teams. Also they enjoy analytical thinking, and aren’t willing to take up too much risk. 

Speaking of Russian users, you can say quite the opposite: they are more open-minded, like the risk and always try to surprise their opponents. Nevertheless, we do not spend any other significant differences. 

- What would you recommend for beginners to do at the initial stage of the game to get closer to the first significant triumph for them? 

- To those who appeared in the game for the first time, I would advise not to be upset in case of defeats. It won't take long till you win! You just need to stay patient and build up your cautious strategy. Before defining your match settings, check out the profile of your adversary, the line-up of his (her) team, the experience of participating footballers. Just study the performance of your opponents, and base your decisions on this data before selecting your match tactics. In other words, don't set random parameters when picking your match settings. Try out different strategies to see how much your team’s quality of play vary accordingly. 

- "The Third World Cup of 11x11" has been a significant event for the project. What can you say about it?

- Yes, the annual World Championship in the 11x11 project is a very important and long-awaited event! "The Third World Cup" itself was great! The whole month involved a hard struggle for leadership in the tournament tables, and then finally the last and decisive day of the competition took place, where the winners were determined. 

This championship had its own remarkable features in comparison with tournaments of previous in-game World Cups. At this time about 257,000 tournaments were held, 1002 national teams took part in the event, what means that 11,022 gamers were participating in total.

As for the prizes, the promised virtual bonuses were already assigned to the winners' accounts taking the first 50 positions. National Teams of players conquered first two places in the tournament tables have acquired the exclusive Champions Cup to their profiles.

We have also enticed the winners with some tangible prizes. The main one was the "APPLE iPhone 3GS (16 GB)". The "Third World Championship" in 11x11 was sponsored by such companies as Autosputnik, DrWeb, SUPRA and various online shops.

- What paid content in the world of “11x11” is the most popular nowadays?

- The greatest interest among managers in 11x11 provide such items as restoration of players, VIP-ranks and experience artifacts, what in general is not surprising since these options allow you to play more frequently and with minimal losses. The most popular souvenirs on demand are the T-shirts and branded icons. We get many orders for these types of goods regularly.

- How do you interact with your community in terms of improving the game?

- The official Forum of 11x11 has a special section, where anyone can sound out their wishes. It is nice to see that our users do not remain indifferent and constantly bring up new ideas and suggestions for making the game better. It really helps to develop the project. As an example, before a "Third World Cup" in 11x11, thanks to the wishes of the players we have introduced a separate chat for members of one national team. 

Additionally, in last June a Press-conference was held at the official Forum of the game. There everyone could address any questions to the Administration of the project. We have received quite a lot of interesting proposals, for which we are very grateful to our players. We are carefully considering all the possible options for the project. I would also like to thank our audience for their participation in this process. 

- What helps to prevent cheating in the game?

- The game uses strict rules to prevent any violations. The most common types of cheating include using, managing bots and making attempts to hack other people's accounts. We have a whole arsenal of tools to deal effectively with these offenders. Nice to know that among our players we have people who are willing to help identify cheaters what allows us to quickly subdue those who don’t follow fair play rules. In many cases, those who help us here can get special in-game bonuses.

- What national team's play at the "2010 FIFA World Cup" in South Africa did you enjoy the most?

- Frankly, from the beginning of the latest "World Cup" I was supporting Argentina, because, I confess, I admired their coach - Diego Maradona. Such a spectacular career as well as many other achievements like "The Goal of the Century" truly describe him as one of the best football players of the XX century. A list with his remarkable deeds can be incredibly long also featuring also some scandals, litigation and problems with the law. Yet, this unique man stayed with sport and became a coach for the national team of his country. It was a pity not to see his team reaching the final. Especially, because he had promised to run naked around an obelisk in Buenos Aires in case of his team winning.

Seriously speaking, I believe that the Germany's national team at the latest "World Cup" showed great play while smashing the English competitors trained by Fabio Capello and the team of Argentina coached by Maradona. You have to agree that it is worth a lot. The second place I would award to the team of New Zealand, who eventually bypassed the Italian opponents while not losing a single match played in the tournament. Yes, these guys certainly returned home as new national heroes of their country!
14.08.2010 19:58, Unicorn


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